Sponsorhip of Quants in the UK?

As highlighted in one of our earlier articles Hiring Quants, currently we are in a very candidate driven market with specialist in-demand skills in very short supply and the current climate dictates that this will not be changing any time soon. With the demand for talent ever increasing and the pipeline of quality candidates not keeping pace, the role of a niche recruitment consultancy such as Quantribute is becoming even more crucial to the whole process.

Within our specialist field – Quantitative Credit Risk and Data Analytics, there are eco-systems and pools of talent around the globe that aren’t effectively being tapped into and one of the many reasons for this is the ineligibility of a candidate to work in the UK without sponsorship.

The Tier 2 visa system enables firms to source highly skilled candidates from outside the EEA when there are difficulties and challenges in hiring for roles within it. If a hiring organisation is experiencing a lack of candidates for any given roles it requires and forecasts it will continue to do so for the future, it may be worth them looking into getting on to the aforementioned visa scheme.  We encounter many candidates in the Credit Risk Quant space that are extremely capable but require sponsorship.  If a hiring organisation was set up and had the appetite (financial and/or otherwise) to employ them, we would certainly see more fluency in hiring trends.

The skills shortage in the UK is predicted to become tighter with many organisations struggling to adapt to the changing recruitment landscape and the job demand for specific roles within the financial sector (especially in London) is huge.

Uncertainty over Brexit is certainly not helping matters either.

For more information on how sponsorship works, PwC have written a concise article explaining the process that is certainly worth a look:- https://www.pwc.co.uk/ux23/guides-templates-insights/hiring-overseas-talent.html

If you are a hiring organisation looking to tap into the well of unlimited Quant talent, what are you waiting for?

Let’s Quantribute!

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